History & Background


Feb 11


Maasai Good Salvage Outreach Organization MAGSA OUTREACH is a charitable, registered in Kenya a community based organization with a vision of improving the living standards of community members at the village level through education, mobilization of resources, community participation, appraisal, and capacity building.

Our program extends and targets various Maasai villages in the Ngong Division, Ntashat village of the Rift Valley Province in Kenya, including Kimuka, Olmaroroi, Saikeri and Oloshoibor. While we are a young organization, we are constantly improving and expanding our programs to meet the needs of each individual community.

Traditional Maasai culture is being threatened as modernization leads to development of grazing land in the Maasailand. Additionally, our children are exposed to Western culture; some of our youth have abandoned our traditional way of life through a change in dress and language.

Although preservation is our main objective, we recognize that there are undesirable practices within our community that we are trying to change.

MAGSA OUTREACH organization campaigns against cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation- Female Genital Circumcision, early child marriages, and polygamy. Through engaging community elders and educating our youth, we hope to eliminate these practices from our culture.


Our Goal is to improve communities living starndards!