John Kilenyi Ole Parsitau


Feb 17


John Kilenyi Ole Parsitau is a Maasai Community Organizer, Kenya Liaison. John is a community leader who has traveled extensively with Chief Joseph in the US sharing Maasai Culture and also a community activist



Feb 17


Lori is the founder of Global Prose a global literacy project that bridges communities by establishing an educational and cultural exchange. Lori spent August in Kenya visiting the Maasai and setting up a Sister School program between the Maasai School and Reed School in the Central Islip School District where Lori works as a certified Art teacher. Lori is also the inspiration behind the annual Human Rights Day at Touro Law Center a series of workshops on Human Rights abuses around



Feb 17


Cicilia is the chairperson of women affairs and assists in leading the Women’s groups’ discussions and meetings. By working with the women, volunteers and other staff she helps to enhance the marketability of the women’s crafts.

Chief Joseph Ole Tipanko


Feb 17


Chief Joseph Ole Tipanko is the president of the MAGSA-OUTREACH which draws its members from Ntashat, an area with economic and social problems some 40 km outside of Nairobi. Joseph is also a school teacher and married to Cicilia Seleyian. Together they participate in all meetings and give advice and guidance to the community along with assisting, in fundraising for the current community projects in need.

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Feb 11


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